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I woke up late this evening and could not make it to our Catholic Church for the evening mass.  Somehow strangely I decided to try an online mass.  The first result that greeted my online search is what?  – President Obama (a non-Catholic) attending a Catholic service?  Oh, it was the interfaith prayer service to honor the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings from Boston’s Historic Cathedral of the Holy Cross. It was held on 18 Apr 2013.     It came three days after  Boston Marathon bombings was a terrorist attack during the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013.  It came two days after the “Three Mile Island Emergency Preparedness Drill held on Apr 16, 2013, a day after the Boston marathon bombing.  The atmosphere was indeed very tense during that period.

I watched the online interfaith service held at the Catholic church and somehow noticed that Psalm 147:3 was used instead of the predetermined  Catholic Daily Reading for that day which should be Psalms 66:


Psalms 66: 8 – 9, 16 – 17, 20

8 Bless our God, O peoples, let the sound of his praise be heard,

9 who has kept us among the living, and has not let our feet slip.

16 Come and hear, all you who fear God, and I will tell what he has done for me.

17 I cried aloud to him, and he was extolled with my tongue.

20 Blessed be God, because he has not rejected my prayer or removed his steadfast love from me!


Psalms – 147 – 3

1 Alleluia! Praise Yahweh — it is good to sing psalms to our God — how pleasant to praise him.

2 Yahweh, Builder of Jerusalem! He gathers together the exiles of Israel,

3 healing the broken-hearted and binding up their wounds;

4 he counts out the number of the stars, and gives each one of them a name.

5 Our Lord is great, all-powerful, his wisdom beyond all telling.

6 Yahweh sustains the poor, and humbles the wicked to the ground.

7 Sing to Yahweh in thanksgiving, play the harp for our God.

8 He veils the sky with clouds, and provides the earth with rain, makes grass grow on the hills and plants for people to use,

9 gives fodder to cattle and to young ravens when they cry.

10 He takes no delight in the power of horses, no pleasure in human sturdiness;

11 his pleasure is in those who fear him, in those who hope in his faithful love.

12 Praise Yahweh, Jerusalem, Zion, praise your God.

13 For he gives strength to the bars of your gates, he blesses your children within you,

14 he maintains the peace of your frontiers, gives you your fill of finest wheat.

15 He sends his word to the earth, his command runs quickly,

16 he spreads the snow like flax, strews hoarfrost like ashes,

17 he sends ice-crystals like breadcrumbs, and who can withstand that cold?

18 When he sends his word it thaws them, when he makes his wind blow, the waters are unstopped.

19 He reveals his word to Jacob, his statutes and judgements to Israel.

20 For no other nation has he done this, no other has known his judgements.


Although only excerpts of Psalms 147 was read, which is Psalms 147-3 “ healing the broken-hearted and binding up their wounds “, there are other words in further down the passage of the entire psalms which I fear will be wrongly interpreted and employed by certain people, some knowingly, some unknowingly to assert the power of horrendous weapons to maim innocent people.  Catholic religion has always preaches peace and tolerance and it has always been the cornerstone for peace.

The mass is subtly telling us that there are extremely powerful worldly figures behind the scene manipulating the world and killing innocent people.  Even Obama may be powerless to do anything about it.  Hope that peace will prevail eventually and that the Catholic church will do its best to bring about peace and justice to all.

God Bless Everyone

Take Care


Angels Don’t Play This Haarp: Advances in Tesla Technology


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The tragic death of the Indian girl who was brutally raped by her assailant could become a catalyst for massive strikes in India as the following events unfolding”

a.  Full Moon – 28 Dec

b.  Peru Jicamarca Haarp

c.  Peru Quake on 29 Dec – 47km (29mi) E of Huaral, Peru

d.  A Haarp direction that cuts across central to northern India

Comments: Although the protest intentions are noble, hopefully they would not exploited to create utter chaos like in the Arab Spring that could result in much hardship, chaos and death.

Take Care











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An aurora (plural: aurorae or auroras) is a natural light display in the sky particularly in the high latitude (Arctic and Antarctic) regions, caused by the collision of energetic charged particles with atoms in the high altitude atmosphere (thermosphere).

However, Aurora is also linked to the mysterious Aurora spyplane to have caused the 1994 Scotland RAF Chinook crash on 2 June 1994 (18  years ago)

  Top Secret US plane ’caused Chinook crash’ • The Register

10 Jul 2000 – RAF Machrihanish lies just ten miles from the Chinook crash site and at the When the Aurora codename leaked out, the US government is …   (link)

Of course, now on 20 July 2012, 18 years later, we see another “Aurora” killing, this time n the city of  Aurora,  Colorado, USA.   It actually occurred on “New Moon” midnight phase which had been speculated by discerned observers to maximise the Haarp effect to switch on “emotions on demand”.   Over the July 14-15, 2012 weekend and through the early morning of July 16, Earth experienced what’s called a geomagnetic storm.  So there is quite a link.

Anyway According of “offiCIAl” news, during the midnight premiere of latest batman movie “The Dark Knight Rises”.

Aurora police chief: Gunman acted with “calculation and deliberation”

Denver Post (21 jul 2012)

Suspected gunman James Eagan Holmes planned an Aurora movie-theater massacre with “calculation and deliberation,” Aurora’s police chief said Saturday, arming himself with ammunition delivered to his home and school over a period of months.

That ammunition, was used to kill and injure 70 people and booby-trap his apartment so as “to kill anyone who entered it,” Chief Dan Oates said.  (link)

So with the Olympics just a few days away, the internet search engines will be swarmed with Aurora redirection to the Colorado killings in Aurora instead of the Aurora borcealis affecting the Earth’s magnetosphere.   In 2005, the first neon light was created by shooting intense radio beams into the night sky, researchers created a modest neon light show visible from the ground. The process was not well understood, and scientists speculated it could one day be employed to light a city or generate celestial advertisements.  (well another official story).
One thing for sure the Aurora is a part of all these mumbo jumbo.  You only need to connect the dots and drinking less fluoridated water may help.Around 10% of the population of the United Kingdom receives fluoridated water.  Maybe Harry Porter is one of them. As of May 2000, 42 of the 50 largest U.S. cities had water fluoridation. Now it should be even higher after a county discovered that without fluorine their health improved tremendously.  In the Republic of Ireland the majority of drinking water is fluoridated… no wonder they are bankrupted.   For Spain although around 10% of the population receives fluoridated water, well they are simply caught in the Euro manipulation.  Too bad.
Take Care

Sun’s Coronal Mass Ejection Results in Aurora Show On Earth

ScienceDaily (July 16, 2012) — Over the July 14-15, 2012 weekend and through the early morning of July 16, Earth experienced what’s called a geomagnetic storm, which happens when the magnetic bubble around Earth, the magnetosphere, quickly changes shape and size in response to incoming energy from the sun. In this case that energy came from a coronal mass ejection (CME) associated with a July 12 X-class flare.  (link)

Moderate 4.5M earthquake 117km from Canberra, Australia.
A 4.5M earthquake struck 13km from Moe, Australia at a depth of 10km (USGS). This could be felt as a V (moderate shaking) around this area and as weak to light far away. We at earthquake report think this earthquake will not cause injuries or heavy damage and only light damage like fallen objects.

There have been a number of felt reports from Melbourne coming in.

The Geoscience Australia website was down momentarily.

EMSC     Kodiak Island Region, Alaska     Jul 20 18:54 PM     5.1 RS    10.0km     MAP  

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This wordpress blog “http://ascendingstarseed.wordpress.com” on 1 March uploaded a video warning by Haarp expert, Dutchsinse of severe weather to hit Mid-state in the USA.

a.  “Dutchsinse Severe Warning: 3/2/2012 – HAARP rings, Scalar Squares, and Ghost storms – IL, KY, IN, TN, VA, MS, AL, GA Friday, Mar 2 2012” (link)

On 3 March, we have already seen the materialization of the severe hail storms and tornadoes that is occurring across the Mid-state in the US.

b.  But strangely, this word press blog also provided a youtube link entitled “Tom-Bearden-Confirms-DutchSinse-Observation-of-Scalar-Radar-and-Tornadoes – YouTube.flv”  about Russia weather engineering over US since 1985.

c.  So, on 2 Mar, the tornadoes and hail storm occurred as expected. As reported “Several cities open storm shelters throughout Mid-State (March 2, 2012 3:32 PM, (http://www.wkrn.com/story/17064797/lavergne-opening-storm-shelter)”

d.  LiveLeak.com – Intense Hail Storm in Nashville Tennessee

e. Storms, tornadoes, hail hammer U.S. midsection again | Reuters uk.reuters.com/…/uk-usa-tornadoes-idUKTRE8211…United Kingdom 14 hours ago – BIRMINGHAM, Alabama (Reuters) – Tornadoes causing severe damage touched down in northern Alabama on Friday, part of a parade of dangerous storms

So why is US doing it?

Well there are quite a few school of thoughts being discussed in the internet:

a.    Both US and Russia, including China have Haarp weapons, but the US Haarp array in Alaska and Australia had been known for their weather and earthquake destruction ability.  Quite a number of youtube sites had uploaded valuable details on that

b.   For this particular series of tornadoes and hail storm in Mar 2012, the Haarp weathers radar weapons scattered across US uses heats up the atmosphere which also inevitably affect their own citizens living near those area.  The heated atmosphere will create sudden huge depression or cyclone zones and the citizens there are totally not aware or simply blame it on bad weather.   It could be the Russia haarp were also in use at the same time.  But do you really think the US will not retaliate any form of attack on its own soil.  It is probably to learn more about this form of attack without letting their citizens know the truth.

b.  But the US Haarp radar rings as Dutchsinse explain were probably US haarp radars directly at other places around the world and we probably would not know where they are.  This happens all the time in Australia where the US Haarp radars are wreaking havocs in Queensland and other parts there too.

c.  The middle belt of US are mostly immigrants or the lower income group and they are often affect by these “natural disaster” without any clues.  It would not be any loss to the US administration and sadly those affected would have to leave their destroyed farms or other decent jobs there for more adventurous jobs that are often dangerous and perhaps unethical.

d.  The financial model that US harp upon (no punt intended here) is financially bankrupt and the only way forward is what President Eisenhouser had warned is to prevent the military-industrial complex from running out of control.  Looks like there is no control anymore.

Finally, I truly feel sad for the true blue Americans, that include the native red indian, afro americans, the whites and others who really have no clues what is happening in their own country.  The Big Apple is, unfortunately, drawing alot of vultures who have total disregard for humanity both globally and in particular, the US citizens as well.

Looks like the Haarp weapons are here to stay.  The US, Russia and other countries are perhaps equally culpable, but if we look at the unceasing and continuing military adventurism that remains unabated, which country made occupation look truly liberating.  A financially bankrupt country, will of course, have little choice but shamelessly resort to military dominance and seek out global “conflicts” to maintain a plush lifestyle. Let hope global wisdom prevails to help protect this fragile Mother Earth.

May God Bless America

Take Care


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The famous “Double Rainbow” seen at Yosemite National Park, in the U.S. state of California, two years ago, on 8 January 2010 was almost the same seen yesterday (21 Jan 2012) in Singapore.  See the Youtube video (2010)

Although some saw it as an auspicious sign to usher in the new Lunar Year of the Dragon on 23 Jan 2012, I hate to remind people that the catastrophic Haiti Earthquake that occurred on 12 Jan 2010, four days after the “Double Rainbow” phenomenon in US.  In all, an estimated 316,000 people perished; 300,000 injured and 1,000,000 rendered homeless.

The distance of Haiti from Yosemite was about 5,000km radius, so it could be anywhere within the Asia-Pacific region.  The movement and concentration of massive rain clouds could offer some clues of heating in the region but probably not at my level of understanding.  Incidentally, on 19 Jan 2012, the evening setting sun was almost twice the usual size, as it there was a huge magnifying glass overhead, that magnify the sun’s heating effect or other unnatural phenomenon.

So take care.

And Happy Lunar New Year!!!


Addendum: The devastating landslide at Tari, Papua New Guinea, also occurred on 24 Jan 2012, some 4,500 km from Singapore and 4 days after the “double rainbow” effect.  Take Care.

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The previous year (2010) was a exceptionally large volcanic eruption year that blanketed (camouflaged) the northern and southern atmosphere via Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull and Indonesia’s Merapi volcano.  They were also  signs that the some cult groups were already preparing for a global war hastened by the global recession that will serve as a catalyst and coercion factors for compliance and servitude.

The flood in Bangkok could be seen as a fine-tuning for the HAARP weapon located at Pine Gap in Central Australia to strike London, Paris and Berlin.   They lies in the same straight line trajectory.  Unfortunately, Europe was presently too busy trying to salvage their economies without knowing what is going to happen next.

The recent quake in Denpasar, Bali and Turkey’s Van Province is also related if you draw a straight line trajectory from Pine Gap to the located quake sites.  It will affect Johor, Butterworth, Penang, various parts in India, Vatican, Spain and Portugal.    This indeed a “economical” line that can kill many birds with one stone.

Another line to the Iceland’s volcanoes via Pine Gap will strike Taiwan (Hengchun) and notably  China’s Beijing.  I believe the gigantic volcanic ash will mask the HAARP signature and prevent help for assisting those stricken regions.

The latest news on another Pine –  the Pine Island Glacier (PIG) reported via mainstream news on 5 Nov  2011 is yet another clue that Pine Gap is practicing hard to hit Beijing.  A straight line trajectory will show that Beijing is about the same distance but in opposite direction.  I hope that millions will not die as a result of some cult members (about 800) currently held underground there in Central Australia. Remember Jim Jones, who made his 500 cult member drink poison after who-knows-what they had done prior to their mass suicide.  Brain washing is big-time money spinner in some countries.

Some had earlier correlated the Sichuan Quake and Myanmar’s Cyclone induced Tidal Surge in 2008 to the Haarp station in Alaska via a straight line trajectory.   It makes me wonder what the United Nations is doing??

Perhaps the world need to stop looking at money for the time being and think about how to make this world a better place free from people who would not hesitate to use weapon of mass destruction to cling on to power.

We only have ONE EARTH

Take Care


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