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The famous “Double Rainbow” seen at Yosemite National Park, in the U.S. state of California, two years ago, on 8 January 2010 was almost the same seen yesterday (21 Jan 2012) in Singapore.  See the Youtube video (2010)

Although some saw it as an auspicious sign to usher in the new Lunar Year of the Dragon on 23 Jan 2012, I hate to remind people that the catastrophic Haiti Earthquake that occurred on 12 Jan 2010, four days after the “Double Rainbow” phenomenon in US.  In all, an estimated 316,000 people perished; 300,000 injured and 1,000,000 rendered homeless.

The distance of Haiti from Yosemite was about 5,000km radius, so it could be anywhere within the Asia-Pacific region.  The movement and concentration of massive rain clouds could offer some clues of heating in the region but probably not at my level of understanding.  Incidentally, on 19 Jan 2012, the evening setting sun was almost twice the usual size, as it there was a huge magnifying glass overhead, that magnify the sun’s heating effect or other unnatural phenomenon.

So take care.

And Happy Lunar New Year!!!


Addendum: The devastating landslide at Tari, Papua New Guinea, also occurred on 24 Jan 2012, some 4,500 km from Singapore and 4 days after the “double rainbow” effect.  Take Care.


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