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If I am the Minister for Health, I will immediately enforce a mobile medical apps software that can be easily downloaded to every phone for the citizens here effective medical sickness reporting and treatment.

The rationale for this mobile medical apps is due to my observation that doctors are spending too much time taking down (or rather scribbling down data) for common questions that could have been answered while the patients are in the waiting room, idling.  In fact, many doctors are language challenged and not able to converse well in Mandarin or Tamil where most of the foreign workers are from and this takes longer service time.  Likewise for parents with this mobile med apps, they can fill in data for their children and sent to the clinic without needing to take time off or during a emergency.

For this mobile medical apps, which I would term, RSF (Report Sick Form), for simplicity, it will have the followings:

Language Preference:

a.  It comes in different languages like English, Mandarin, Tamil, Hindi, French, German etc to cater to a mulitcultural society that Singapore is aspiring.  This is essential if we want to handle infectious disease fast in times of outbreaks.

General Data Like:

a.  Fever (number, frequency, duration etc)

b.  Cough (dry, wet, whooping etc, frequency, duration etc)

c.  Phlegm (white, yellowish, reddish etc)

d.  Pain (location, frequency, duration, intensity etc)

e.  Rashes (location, frequency, duration)

f.  Headaches (frequency, location, intensity)

g.  Sore throat (when started, describe)

Medication Taken:

a.  Western – describe

b. TCM – describe

Infectious Diseases Suspected

a.  Disease suspected:  Dengue/Malaria/Chikungunya/SARS

b.  Reasons:

c.  Suspected Locality or Cluster:


a.  Food Poisoning suspected

b. Location:

Etc Etc Etc


The above is only a general format that, of course, will be improved with time and usage.  This allow the doctor to focus immediately on other important aspect like helping to derive disease or outbreak clusters like dengue by asking further question to what had been duly filled up at the waiting area. Presently almost all the doctor time is wasted trying to communicate with the patients which can be worsen if there is a language barrier.  This is further complicated by temporary or part-time doctors who have lost the ability to keep up with emerging disease symptoms and cannot ask proper questions while relying on patients to describe. Often the patients are either too sick to remember and perhaps the medical apps with its structured approach can help the incompetent doctors to follow a standard format to derive what is the root cause of the sickness.

Our problem is not that there are not enough doctors but rather the inability to use mobile apps or even pre-filling of forms at the waiting area to reduce doctors workload and move on to more incisive diagnosis, not only to treat the patient properly but to contribute to a national medical database that can effectively derive where the disease clusters are from and will be.

Take Care



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This evening, as I was lying on my couch watching China’s CCTV English news.  What struck me was that it was using a “flip-panel” news announcement, a suggestion that I made several years ago regarding ChannelNewsAsia (CNA) tickertape news that stream text across the bottom screen on latest updates.  I do find the streaming tickertape text rather outmoded as compared to CCTV flip-panel news announcement.

Ticker tape was the earliest digital electronic communications medium, transmitting stock price information over telegraph lines, in use between around 1870 through 1970. It consisted of a paper strip which ran through a machine called a stock ticker, which printed abbreviated company names as alphabetic symbols followed by numeric stock transaction price and volume information.

Paper ticker tape started to become obsolete in the 1960s, as television and computers were increasingly used to transmit financial information. The concept of the stock ticker lives on, however, in the scrolling electronic tickers seen on brokerage walls and on financial television networks.    (Wikipedia)

Why Tickertape is outmoded

1)    It distracts and defocus a viewer from the main  news as it takes time for the “crawling” news to stream across the screen.  Thus many precious seconds are lost waiting for the entire news to stream across. A flip-panel will allow a viewer to see the entire news at a single glance whilst maintaining focus on the main news broadcast.

2)   In a tickertape text, if you miss the starting of the stream, but caught a glimpse of the last few words that appeal to you, then you will have to wait for the stream to finish a full cycle and this could be minutes, and very often when it reappear, we will lose the first few texts again.  If happens so very often and I get distracted from the primary news broadcast.

3)  Streaming text is more suited for stock indices and prices where the viewer’s primarily focus is in monitoring those rapidly changing stock indicators.  To them the ongoing news becomes a background event and their focus priority are different from the rest of the other looking out for breaking world or regional news events that could be better presented in flip-panel text banner style.

Why Flip-panel Text is Better

3)    Flip-panel is suited for speed-reading where the eye scan blocks of text in split seconds.  Not only would it make for faster reading but ultimately for better assimilation of information.   Flip text on average stay longer on screen for viewers to have enough time to glance downwards, digest the information and get back to the main broadcast news.

4)   The are some reasons why the mainstream news in the some major countries uses streaming text.  One is to distract discerned viewers from focusing on important news like war or act of violence that were being broadcast, especially by independent reporters.  Thus the streaming text is one way of distracting the viewers.


So to continue to improve on our TV news reports and updates of breaking news text, we could emulate CCTV English news using the flip-panel screen.  Being the premier broadcast news in this region, we should continue to look for ways to present breaking news in a more easily assimilating manner that could be viewed in a single glance.  Some may argue that the text could become smaller if you do that but of course, it could go into a second line in the next panel flip.  Block reading is still the way to go.

Other news that uses the flip text includes Bloomberg news and ESPN sports.  This shows they value the importance of bring better information to the public.  Only the share indexes are streaming as in the old days.

Are we to continue living in the past?


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I always enjoy using a waterproof boots when I am riding a motorcycle in raining weather. Other than that, for hiking or trekking adventures, I would appreciate notable feature found in military boots.

Ventilation outlets

This is important as boots  for long duration can render the feet hot and smelly in hot weather and profuse sweating in humid conditions like our tropical environment can easily cause fungal infections.

Water Draining outlets

The famous water logged feet or “Mekong Foot” syndrome can actually cause the feet to rot.  Thus having proper placement of water drainage outlets is very essential. They are normally placed near the heel and the natural movement of the feet will propel and expel the logged water efficiently.  However, there could be squeaky sound. Nevertheless, with movement, air will be suck in to cool the feet and dry the socks.  Much better than having a pair of boots full of water that could not be expel at all!



Great Boots:

Magnum USA Unveils All MultiCam Boots at SHOT Show 2011

Rocky S2V Military Boot, and the New C4T Military Boot

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Presently we are into the 4th  generation of a series of MRT Faregates.  The present ‘Titan’ faregates, to me, at least, did not really helped to increase the movement speed of the human traffic during rush hours. It still contributes to alot of disruptions due to unnecessary “slow downs” to look at meter fare readings that was not in tandem with their moving speed and also stoppages due to the “no debit” policy.

Basically, I noticed that many people will intentionally slow down to look at the fare meter and even with the new MRT Faregate it is still place nearer to the ingress (entry) point and as does not facilitate faster movement.  In fact the 2nd generation MRT Faregate is better with its fare meter placed right on top the gantry although it was in smaller font and less clearer to some.

The 2nd generation faregate meter display is in the best position, just above the gantry gate as it allow the commuter to move in a normal speed without the need to slow down to look at the fare meter. This is ridiculousness!  The placement of the fare meter display and tapping zone should facilitate movement and not hinder traffic flow!

Another reasons for the stoppages and disruptions at faregates is due to low credit in commuters fare cards.  Previously it was allowed to facilitate traffic flow but not sure why the “kiasu” syndrome now. So alot of commuter with insufficient credits will be stopped in their tracks and everyone behind will come to a grinding halt. This is certainly not WISE and does show a certain degree of ungracefulness from a large organisation like MRT. Of course, having a debit account could also impose a penalty or lesser discount for transfer etc.

Remember! the onerous is to move the crowd faster with the “new” designs of MRT Faregates and do re-introduce the debit account for farecards to prevent unnecessary stoppages.  A reminder warning sound would be good idea to sound out those with debit accounts so that when they tap out at their next destination they can take their time to top up rather than waste their time to quickly rush back to the top up teller and waste more time. Not to mention disrupt the smooth flow of human traffic behind.   Try to make travelling on the MRT a comfortable and hassle free thing.

The “non-debit” syndrome can be said to be manifested from our restricted zone car gantry system whereby you can actually see cars stopping and reversing upon realising that they do not have enough cash just near the gantry gates.  This can be very dangerous to other car and vehicle users behind. In Australia, those who pass through the restricted zone gantries without enough credit can pay at the kiosk found at the nearest petrol stations or convenient stores.  This sort of kiasu-ism is causing us to be less efficient not to mention effective. We should not be proud of it.

Do think about these simple things when considering for the 5th generation of MRT Faregates.



Ref: http://scaniak230ubsbstsmrt.blogspot.com/2011/03/new-mrt-faregate-model.html

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I saw this on the Mio TV’s Australian Network last month during the “New Inventors” TV show.  What caught my eye was the simple yet ingenious “Solarball” developed by an Australian Chinese, Jonathon Liow.   The solar ball is about 1.5 times the size of football, consisting of two hemisphere with a channel (drain) in the in middle inner circumference.  You simply pour “dirty” water from the river, sea or perhaps your own urine into the lower half and close it with the upper hemisphere and let it sit in the sun.  The enclosed plastic container will heat up and the resultant evaporation and condensation will see clean water running from the top to the side and drain along a channel in the middle that act as a conduit and water reservoir.  Good Work! Jonathon.

So if you think you are going somewhere out in the desert or mountainous region where there is chance of being stranded without water or unclean source, do acquire something like that from Jonathon.


For more information about Solarball, contact the following:

Anyway, here are the links:

a.  http://www.abc.net.au/tv/newinventors/txt/s3158420.htm

b.  Youtube video: 2011 James Dyson Award – Solarball   (link)


Take Care!



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In view of the coming Earth Day 2012, it would be good if those using storage tank water heater (10 litres or more) to convert to a rotary timer which is available at The DIY shop at Causeway Point and other major shopping centre.  You can also visit www.esaver.com.sg  to learn more about the product and wiring diagram (please ask a qualified electrician to do the job).

It will save you quite a substantial amount.  Just imaging if you forgot to switch off the 10 litre water tank for a few hours and it was like boiling 10 litres of water for a few hours.

Using the Singapore Power online calculator showed that a storage water heater (3000W) “accidentally” on for, say, averaging 5 hour each day, it would now cost about S$124 instead of S$101 back in 2008! (see my earlier post in 2008)

Similarly all new homes should comes with a normal / rotary switch dual function to allow user to set a timer, say, a few minutes if they intend to alternate between the sleeping room and living room etc.  Often my kids would forget to switch off the toilet lights or room lights. So a rotary switch if better than a motion detector which is much more expensive and not so practical to use at home. I thought it would be good if the government agencies could set in to provide simple model setups at shopping centres during Earth Day to teach people how rotary switch timer works and the cost savings incurred.  Both for storage water heaters and other electrical devices.



I have written about this earlier in 2008

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These two recent video on flood conspiracies are quite interesting.


1.  Know your country geospatial topography and terrain well.

2.  Do not let people map your country and especially if it is for free.

3.  Do not deplete the underground reservoir water supply that cause the land to subside, and worst still if you intent to build alot of heavy buildings indiscriminately on it. However, the possibility of refilling the aquifer like the “Floridan Aquifer” in 2002 as reported. Anyway there was a contention between Coca Cola and Indian campaigners with respect to depletion of underground water for commercialisation versus the dire need for farming land and drinking water. Ultimately it could also lead to land subsidence too.

4.  Without the underground reservoir water supply, another possible worst scenario, is EARTHQUAKE.  Without the natural underground “shock absorber” of water reservoir, any small quake will be magnified hundred times over and now you know why there are more tremors and tremors.

Take Care


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