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This evening as I was riding my motorcycle along upper Bukit Timah road, I noticed that the bus lane was completely empty while the second and third lane was fully congested with cars, trucks, vans and a large number of motorcycles jostling for the limited space.  I used my common sense (my thinking brain) and simply weave into the EMPTY bus lane, not only for a safer ride (since motorcyclists are the most vulnerable in congested roads) but also to help relieve the jam-packed 2nd and 3rd lane.

But alas! there was this LTA man eagerly holding a videocam and taking a footage of my bike as I was using my COMMONSENSE to ride into the taboo bus lane during the peak hours.  In the brief moment as I glimpsed into his hollow eyes, I thought I saw the $$$$$ sign rolled like a jackpot but it was only a figment of my imagination.  I shuddered and dispelled that thought.

Back in my mind, I was thinking whether the fine merit the “offense” for a motorcyclists for using his brain for a safer and better road utilization effort.   Should a motorcyclist also pay the same rate as car drivers since the latter are often the culprit for obstructing the bus lane as their cars cannot weave easily out if necessary.

So if the onerous is to create a traffic system that is more efficient than the one currently practiced, it would be good if the authorities can come up with some mathematical and statistical calculations to establish if:

a.  Allowing motorcyclists to use the bus lane during peak hours can ease congestion to the other lanes and allow the faster and safer transport.

b.   Whether motorcyclist using bus lanes actually hog or obstruct the bus services and by how much as compared to them hogging the second and third lane if they are barred from the bus lane.  So the comparison is in relation to the existing scheme.  Slowing the other vehicles in non-bus lanes are also opportunity costs and how do they remunerate against the bus commuters in terms of COE, vehicle ownership cost and others.

During the early peak hours, many bus lane remain relatively free while the other two lanes are fully congested with cars,trucks, vans and motorcycles jostling for space.  So to impose a fine when the bus lane is pretty empty can look pretty absurd for a first-class nation.  It might lead others to conclude that fines is more of a fund making venture than a deterrent for whatever reasons.  Of course, I try hard to tell my foreign friends that it is not the case.  Many of them believed me and I am glad.

If LTA can allow motorcyclists a greater degree of self-regulatory by allowing them to use the bus lane during the peak hours there could be a more equitable distribution of vehicles on all lanes.  Motorcyclists do not hog or obstruct the bus lane and can easily weave if necessary. Currently a lot of motorcyclists are being penalised for using their common sense during the peak hour by weaving or using into the bus lane to relieve congestion on the other lanes.

If the authorities feel that fines over-rides all considerations then perhaps, maybe it should be lower for motorcyclists as they are generally the lower income lots.  Otherwise they be driving a car.  Likewise the dispatch and delivery firms would also appreciate if their riders can use the bus lane for faster and safer delivery while relieving congestion to either bus lane or non-bus lanes by visual inspection as they ride.

Perhaps allow a greater degree of self-regulatory for motorcyclists during peak hours is the conventional wisdom as practiced in many countries.   Too many regulations and fines can actually make “Jack a Dull Boy” and regulated complacency certainly affects our safety acuity.

So to all my motorcyclist friends, remember SAFETY FIRST.   Think of your loved ones.  Paying fines IS NOT AN ISSUE.

Take Care



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Do you know that Colorado has the highest suicide rate in the US and it is partly blamed on being sited on a high-altitude that has lesser oxygen to the brain.

So was it a factor in James Holmes’ 20 July 2012, massacre in Colorado, USA.   during the “New Moon” phase.  I think the high altitude is a factor where evil does can employ the Haarp to its maximum effect to switch on “emotions on demand”.   Particularly since July 14-15, 2012 weekend and through the early morning of July 16, Earth experienced what’s called a geomagnetic storm.  So there is quite a link.

Here, I wonder if staying in super highrise flats can affect a person’s mentality with supposedly lower oxygen level and more expose to the sun’s radiation and magnetosphere manipulation effects.   Can being stuck at the top of a resounding high ferris-wheel affect my brain?

Anyway, not sure if the Jonestown mass suicide in Guyana initiated by Jim Jones on November 18, 1978 where 918 people died was conduct in high altitude,  a  preferred area to brain-wash people given the low oxygen level and ritual fires that also consume oxygen.  No wonder US has so many cult temple or churches in high altitude vicinities.  Jim Jones started his cult activities in Indiana state and not sure if “Indiana Jones” with lots of cult scenes got its or derived from the original Jim Jones.  Anyway the Georgetown killing by Jim Jones in Guyana also bear resemblances to the basketball brawl in China between the US Georgetown University black basketball players and the Chinese in China.  Don’t look strange to me as there are internet chatters out there that says some elites tries to blames the Jesuits or Catholics in their pursuit for powers.

Take Care and May God Bless You


You tell me.


1.  Friday, March 18, 2011   –  Are  Higher Altitudes and Suicides Connected?  (link)

2.  Suicide rate soars in Colorado  (link)

3.   The Kids Are All Right: The Lower Colorado Is Low on Oxygen  – July 5, 2012 | 3:24 PM  (15 days before the Aurora massacre) – link

4.  Why is the Colorado suicide rate so high?  (forum)

5.    Jonestown echoed in past times in Guyana
by Paul Bolcik

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As the lift door was closing, suddenly a teenagers wearing a red white singlet with a word “spe cia lis” inscribed on his back bulged into the lift while the door was closing.  There were nobody except me and I took a step backward to allow him to enter.

Here, this clown was standing with his back very close to me when there were wide spaces in the lift.  I was not so sure about his orientation but I was rather apprehensive.  He looked like those weak and lazy kind with a flabby stomach for his age. When the lift opened at my level, he merely turns his body to the right without giving me room to move and expecting me to take a wide berth.  I merely move out of the lift despite his big stomach blocking me and it was my rights!

I really cannot understand the youngsters nowadays,  those who do not give up their seats to the elderly, and those who block the entire lift entrance.  However, in my office, I have met some good ones too.

Something must be very wrong.

Maybe they joined some cult organization.  Maybe they drank too much fluroide. I am not too sure.

Good Grief


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Despite Jack’s Neo “I am not stupid” reaffirmation to Singaporeans that we are not stupid, I still think we are indeed after years of interacting with various people of all sorts.  It dawn on me that it is not all genes but also due to nutrition and environmental toxins that are slowly but steadying invading and permeating into our society without our slightest knowledge.

As we subscribe to the a certain “world” standard like the FDA (Food and Drug Adminstration) etc we become less able to think as we becomes indoctrinated that certain food and additives are good and we would want to induce our entire citizens to consume even when there are so much controversy over the product.    This includes things the sugar free sweetener aspartame; the HPV vaccinations and of course, fluoridation of water supply.  Of course, the intentions are good but without much foresight.   We must understand the US is makeup of many foreigners and as such health is a good source of income for those involved.  We should not degenerate to that level

I have already wrote about the first two.   For the the last few years, many articles and researches have resurfaced on the detrimental effects of fluoridation of water supply and this time, it seemed that they is a directly correlation between IQ (intelligence quotient) and Fluoride.

Double Whammy of Fluoridated Waters and Tootpaste In Singapore

Here we faced the double over-dosage of fluoride with both fluoridated water to the entire population and also the fact the almost all toothpaste include fluorine compounds.  Despite some toothpaste like Darkie that carried a warning that it the person is taking other fluoridated sources, he/she should consult a doctor of its usage.  Are our fluoridated water supply the additional source.  Previously when it was difficult to get fluoride, they fluoridation of water supply makes sense.  But now,  I think not.  Even the toothpaste manufacturers also “unwittingly” get into the act but increasing the diameter size of their toothpaste tube.  Although this was meant to increase their sales but making the consumer squeeze more paste it “unintentionally” also make consumer uses more fluoride than necessary to safeguard their health, err, i meant their mind.

Even the infants are not spared.  Those using fluoride toothpaste plus their fluoridated water supply could be a factor in early child mental destruction.  The “sugar-free” aspartame actually over-excited those brain cells to the point of over-hyperactivity and brain death and seizures etc.

Many Countries Prefer Self-Determination for Water Fluoridation

It is interesting to know that as of 2002, there was no water fluoridation in China.  (Wikipedia).  Chinese researchers had found a direct correlation of fluoridation and low IQ link.  In fact many civilized western countries barring US had stopped fluoridation of their water supply long ago.

Here, we prefer a good set of teeth, bright smile rather than a creative and vibrant population.  However to overcome the complex problems brought about by global conflicts and the constant need to bring in “talented” foreigners, we need to reassess our own doings or undoings that is making our citizens less competitive or creative.

Perhaps it is the water supply, the filter membrane or it is simply fluoridation of water supply.

Breaking: Fluoride Linked to #1 Cause of Death in New Research

    In Jan 2012, it was reported that a groundbreaking new research has linked sodium fluoride to cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of death worldwide. Researchers found that fluoride consumption directly stimulates the hardening of your arteries, a condition known as atherosclerosis.

Wrong Cholesterol Ratio

Even our determination of cholesterol ratio is being dismissed as wrong by Dr Bruce Fife on the importance of “saturated” coconut oil that is hardly available in Singapore.  So what we are seeing is demented aging population with a very health cardiovascular system but otherwise an empty skull.   The statins that are introduced for many citizens are stripping away the important cholesterol needed for a creative mind and also importantly the nervous system.  We need to balance this carefully to achieve a population not only health in body but also in mind as well.

Otherwise, there may no longer be any true Singaporeans in the next few generations but a mini-USA where everyone is out for profit at the expense of someone.  The infamous Nixon memo on population control and the Georgia Guidestone to reduce the world population to half a billion is a good reminder that we should be always on guard for our sovereignty.

So to save a few cavities, is it worth it to destroy the rest of your body, especially the brain and heart?  So many heart failure and blockages that require bypass. It makes me sick to think about it.  I really need to vomit.

Take Care.




Fluoride in Water Linked to Lower IQ in Children


Fluoridation by country


25 Studies Prove Fluoride Reduces Your IQ, Why Is It In Our Water?



Breaking: Fluoride Linked to #1 Cause of Death in New Research


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This morning, as I gently woke from my slumber and was trying to remember what the date’s Today and suddenly it dawn upon me that May 13 will be in two days time.

I remember the horrendous May 13 – 14 riot in Indonesia in 1998 which some 14 years which trigger an onslaught against Chinese citizens in Indonesia.  The main catalyst then was the rapidly deteriorating economic caused by whoever that is  and which led to the downfall of President Suharto.

The recent protest in Malaysia by Bersih is also a cause for concern too.

Hopefully that Southeast Asia can rally together to prevent a replication of the “Arab Spring” as the two Superpower clash.  I mean the sole superpower the can only survive with the military-complex syndrome that currently sees SEAsia as a gold pot vis-a-vis the Spratly’s islands to balkanise the region and employing the “divide-and-rule” for their own selfish reasons.

We should be aware to that.   The increase Solar activities and moon effect should affect the rationalisation and tolerance that we have built up over the years.  Neither should the continuing economic onslaught break our cohesiveness that had already been down in the Middle East.

Take Care


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This wordpress blog “http://ascendingstarseed.wordpress.com” on 1 March uploaded a video warning by Haarp expert, Dutchsinse of severe weather to hit Mid-state in the USA.

a.  “Dutchsinse Severe Warning: 3/2/2012 – HAARP rings, Scalar Squares, and Ghost storms – IL, KY, IN, TN, VA, MS, AL, GA Friday, Mar 2 2012” (link)

On 3 March, we have already seen the materialization of the severe hail storms and tornadoes that is occurring across the Mid-state in the US.

b.  But strangely, this word press blog also provided a youtube link entitled “Tom-Bearden-Confirms-DutchSinse-Observation-of-Scalar-Radar-and-Tornadoes – YouTube.flv”  about Russia weather engineering over US since 1985.

c.  So, on 2 Mar, the tornadoes and hail storm occurred as expected. As reported “Several cities open storm shelters throughout Mid-State (March 2, 2012 3:32 PM, (http://www.wkrn.com/story/17064797/lavergne-opening-storm-shelter)”

d.  LiveLeak.com – Intense Hail Storm in Nashville Tennessee

e. Storms, tornadoes, hail hammer U.S. midsection again | Reuters uk.reuters.com/…/uk-usa-tornadoes-idUKTRE8211…United Kingdom 14 hours ago – BIRMINGHAM, Alabama (Reuters) – Tornadoes causing severe damage touched down in northern Alabama on Friday, part of a parade of dangerous storms

So why is US doing it?

Well there are quite a few school of thoughts being discussed in the internet:

a.    Both US and Russia, including China have Haarp weapons, but the US Haarp array in Alaska and Australia had been known for their weather and earthquake destruction ability.  Quite a number of youtube sites had uploaded valuable details on that

b.   For this particular series of tornadoes and hail storm in Mar 2012, the Haarp weathers radar weapons scattered across US uses heats up the atmosphere which also inevitably affect their own citizens living near those area.  The heated atmosphere will create sudden huge depression or cyclone zones and the citizens there are totally not aware or simply blame it on bad weather.   It could be the Russia haarp were also in use at the same time.  But do you really think the US will not retaliate any form of attack on its own soil.  It is probably to learn more about this form of attack without letting their citizens know the truth.

b.  But the US Haarp radar rings as Dutchsinse explain were probably US haarp radars directly at other places around the world and we probably would not know where they are.  This happens all the time in Australia where the US Haarp radars are wreaking havocs in Queensland and other parts there too.

c.  The middle belt of US are mostly immigrants or the lower income group and they are often affect by these “natural disaster” without any clues.  It would not be any loss to the US administration and sadly those affected would have to leave their destroyed farms or other decent jobs there for more adventurous jobs that are often dangerous and perhaps unethical.

d.  The financial model that US harp upon (no punt intended here) is financially bankrupt and the only way forward is what President Eisenhouser had warned is to prevent the military-industrial complex from running out of control.  Looks like there is no control anymore.

Finally, I truly feel sad for the true blue Americans, that include the native red indian, afro americans, the whites and others who really have no clues what is happening in their own country.  The Big Apple is, unfortunately, drawing alot of vultures who have total disregard for humanity both globally and in particular, the US citizens as well.

Looks like the Haarp weapons are here to stay.  The US, Russia and other countries are perhaps equally culpable, but if we look at the unceasing and continuing military adventurism that remains unabated, which country made occupation look truly liberating.  A financially bankrupt country, will of course, have little choice but shamelessly resort to military dominance and seek out global “conflicts” to maintain a plush lifestyle. Let hope global wisdom prevails to help protect this fragile Mother Earth.

May God Bless America

Take Care


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If  you go to Centrepoint, there is an escalator coming linking the ground level to the basement where Guardian is situated.  The upward escalator is flush next to a wall and there is a plastic placard to warn user against hitting their head if they were to look backward onto a small stall just below.  This is another stupid escalator placement.  On the contrary the downward escalator is not flush against any wall.

Solution:  Simply reverse the direction of the escalator to prevent any possible head or jaw crush if children were to move their heads while attracted by the stall selling trinkets below.  I fine it hard to comprehend why the security guards standing around there fail to notice the danger.  This is high traffic area and I am sure there would be many near miss with users looking over the hand rail to see the trinket stall below. It just shows that many people do not really use their brains here as if thinking is also a crime or that the placement is dictated by security conscious people but safety imbeciles.

Goodness Gracious


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