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Recently, when I was running along the Woodland Industrial Estate (MIE), running a dog appeared from under a car and started chasing me.  It was not a fully grown dog but was quite fierce and chased me.  I was jogging and quite startled and immediately approach it to chase it away. It ran back and as I continue my running, it started to pursue me again.  So I had to chase it away again and only as I was about 50metres away, it stopped.  Today as I ran past MIE, I did not venture into the vicinity but saw the dog from afar prancing happily in a cage field.  So I continued along my way into Republic Park and reach the hill top for a breather. From that point, I either go forward to Woodland Waterfront for an 7km route or turn back for a 5km plus route.  When I turned back, I saw a similar breed and similar sized dog waiting in an alert position as it waiting for a prey.  So to avoid trouble or hurting that poor thing, I continue the longer route.  At the beautiful scenic park along the waterfront, I saw a guy with two small dogs like a pincher and somehow associate him with both dogs that were waiting to chase me.  I was more than a hunch.  But I chose to continue my jog and live my own life.

I still remember the monkeys at the Republic Parks apparently seemed to have a master at a wooden bridge and would not hesitate to snared at other runners when they run pass the bridge.  The master apparently seemed delighted that those monkeys were snaring at “intruders”.  I find it rather perplexing too.

However, I really enjoying jogging and running to really care about all those nonsense around me.  I really appreciate nature and love to run alone as it clears my mind. After all life is pretty short in the world. We should treasure it despite all the hassle and trouble that people create for others.

After the recent face eating episode in US and also in Shanghai, it seemed that people and dogs alike are being manipulated to attack people for others vested interested.  I still believe in God despite the recent hoo ha about an alleged money laundering by a mega Church.   I think there are good and bad people in all religion.  Often money attracts the good, the bad and the ugly. Money is always the root to all evil. I stand corrected.

Take Care



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Well, first it was the cult leader, Jim Jones and now another fanatical “religious” leader, also a Jones, well this time,  “Pastor” Terry Jones, who wants to burn the Koran on Sep 11 and which would sent devastating ripples around the globe whilst giving Religion a bad name.

It is indeed difficult to keep up with the Jones.  Although I do not mean Indiana Jones whose exciting adventurism episodes were still deeply ingrained in the minds of many.

On 18 Nov 1978, the first Jones, James WarrenJimJones, the founder and leader of the Peoples Temple, best known for the death of more than 900 Temple members in Jonestown, Guyana in Georgetown, Guyana.

Jim was probably one of the most infamous cult leaders in the US,  among others who have the “blessing” to instill extreme hatred with their great persuasive oratory power and protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution, which is the “freedom of speech.”

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.[1]

Jim Jones, lived during the 1950’s  which was probably one of the most upheaval period in US history with the various threats, whether real or perceived the the military and politicians were jostling or conjuring to exert and project US power in the world.

Jim, who was working as a monkey salesman, back in 1954, actually selling monkeys door to door to supplement his income and he becomes the focus of a front-page story in The Indianapolis Star when he refuses an air shipment of monkeys because many are sick or died en route. (link)

Mind you, somehow, this came at a time when oldest documented possible case of the then-unknown syndrome was thought to have been detected in 1959, when David Carr, a 25-year-old British printer who had travelled in the navy between 1955 and 1957 (but apparently not to Africa).   (link)

This is not a insinuation but rather to try to gather good perspective of timeline of Jim Jones and the influences and unfolding of events that could have direct or indirect bearings or blames on Jim, itself.   As for the 900 members who committed mass suicide, they must either be very motivated or perhaps coerced or even murdered.  Nobody really knows.

In 1954, similarly many important and all-influencing world events were going on  that would also affect Asia as well.   On the larger “religious” scale that Jim Jone is probably the founding of the  Unification Church in South Korea, also in 1954.

In 1954, US President Dwight D. Eisenhower gives his “domino theory” speech during a news conference.  The U.S. Congress and President Dwight D. Eisenhower authorize the founding of the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado.   The establishment of  Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO) in Bangkok, Thailand.  These are only some of the events that may have a profound effect on the so-called political-“religious” influences that have creep into the minds of many.

The official story was that Jim Jones died with his followers in Guyana (South America) after being in pursuit by US Senator, Leo Joseph Ryan, Jr. Ryan was also famous for vocal criticism of the lack of Congressional oversight of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and authored the Hughes-Ryan Amendment, passed in 1974. He was also an early critic of L. Ron Hubbard and his Scientology movement and of the Unification Church of Sun Myung Moon.[1]  (link) On November 3, 1977, Ryan read into the United States Congressional Record a testimony by John Gordon Clark about the health hazards connected with destructive cults.[1] In this speech before Congress, Congressman Ryan noted that his greatest concern was: “for those young people who have been converted by these religious cults and for their parents, who have suffered the loss of their children.”  (link)

Congressman Ryan was killed on the same day (18 Nov 1978) together with three journalists and a defecting Temple member when Jim Jone’s Peoples Temples members who had escorted the group began to open fire on the transport plane. The gunmen riddled Congressman Ryan’s body with bullets before shooting him in the face.

Another Jones (maybe the repentant one)


Robert Gallo: The Man That Created AIDS (link)


Not Possible?

Try to correlate to the open spraying of AGENT ORANGE herbicides during the Vietnam War for TEN YEARS!

Agent Orange is the code name for one of the herbicides and defoliants used by the U.S. military as part of its herbicidal warfare program, Operation Ranch Hand, during the Vietnam War from 1961 to 1971. Vietnam estimates 400,000 people being killed or maimed, and 500,000 children born with birth defects.  (LINK)

Just today (17 Jun 2011), 40 years later!!!!   “Vietnam Agent Orange cleanup starts: US”  –  AFP 17 Jun 2011.     At least there is some help there, but also political given the current China-Vietnam spat in the Spratlys which would require US intervention.  Poor Vietnamese – hope they will not become pawn again.

So what is Aids To those Cult groups hiding within the US Administration with access to biological, chemical and nuclear weapons of mass destruction.   It means nothing at all.

So all these fringe cults  groups were probably giving the mainstream religious groups a bad name and provided a breeding ground for extremism and hatred.

Glad that the authorities here are giving everyone a fair chance to practice their faith and beliefs and to coexist peacefully in this fragile world.

It is indeed difficult to keep up with the Jones.

Take Care



1.    The recent alarming news  “U.S. apologizes for 1940s syphilis inoculation experiment in Guatemala” (Washington Post, 1 Oct, 2010) clearly shows that how much more can the “private” sector do given the fact that US government medical researcher were already leading the way in 1940s.   Jim Jones and his cult members could have been silenced for doing something atrocious or “heavenly” if their brainwashed brains says so.   Hope the US government can look into their own homegrown “extremist” cult groups within their own beloved country where the Jones’ grasses is always greener.

2.    The latest commemoration ceremony on 18 Nov 2010, for the 32nd anniversary of Jim Jones’ death showed the continual rivalry of two split camps:  First is the Jones Jr.’s group organised by Jim Jone’s son – Jones Jr. who plans to install four granite plaques at the grave next year (2011). The plaques will be engraved with the names of all 918 victims, including Jones Sr. The second group – Norwood’s group also undertook a memorial plaque project. But it was engraved with only 917 names – everyone but Jones Sr.

Comments: Interesting to know that Jones Jr. is a medical salesman in San Francisco –  wonder what equipment or product he is selling!!!  For information, Jim Jones had adopted children of various races including those from the Korean war, wondered what they are they used for now:

The couple adopted three children of Korean-American ancestry: Lew, Suzanne and Stephanie. Jones had been encouraging Temple members to adopt orphans from war ravaged Korea.[23] Jones had long been critical of the United States’ opposition to communist leader Kim Il-Sung‘s 1950 invasion of South Korea, calling it the “war of liberation” and stating that “the south is a living example of all that socialism in the north has overcome.”[24] In 1954, he and his wife also adopted Agnes Jones, who was partly of Native American descent.[22][25] Agnes was 11 at the time of her adoption.[26] Suzanne Jones was adopted at the age of six in 1959.[26] In June 1959, the couple had their only biological child, Stephan Gandhi Jones.[25]

Two years later, in 1961, the Joneses became the first white couple in Indiana to adopt a black child, James Warren Jones, Jr.[27] Marceline was once spat upon while she carried Jim Jr.[19]

The couple also adopted another son, who was white, named Tim.[25] Tim Jones, whose birth mother was a member of the Peoples Temple, was originally named Timothy Glen Tupper.[22]


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This evening, I let my younger son view an entire TV episode of the “Good Times” starring the African-American funny man “JJ” and his family trial and tribulations in a Sitcom (Situational Comedy) setting.

I remember back in 70’s and even 80’s there were free airing of TV sitcoms and talk-shows featuring African-American that includes the Bill Crosby show and Different Strokes featuring all walks of life from that community.

Somehow it was later deemed as stereotyping African-American and the minority groups.  But I do not think so.  In fact, it allowed my generation to empathize with the real problems and lingo of the African-American of that era as we eagerly await its airing every week.

This particular episode of “Good Times” with JJ comically trying to get out of a gang and how his dad who talk down on his own race finally realise that the gang leader’s “Mad Dog” attitude was partly due to the fact that his own father abandoned him when he was born.

The reason why I recommend it on Ch 5 (our main stream English Channel) is that it will allow the new generation of English-speaking youth to fully comprehend the trial and tribulations of another race in English language and its appealing yet educational factor via sitcoms.

I find the nominal representation during racial harmony day like dressing in strange traditional clothing would not really help much to foster community integration.   It would greatly help if these youth can watch at least one or two good episodes of Good Times or maybe the newer sitcoms if there any out there to fully comprehend their daily lives.

Ch 5 can show some Suria or Vasantham drama dubbed in English in Ch 5 but I am not so sure of their appeal but that is not a major concern.  Maybe a comedy sitcom would be easier to digest. Already we are showing the popular mandarin drama “Little Nonya” from Ch 8 and dubbed in Bahasa for Malay viewers in Suria Channel.  So it would be a good reciprocal kind of thing for better integration and understanding of each other communities.

Finally, I think I watch more African-American sitcoms than Obama in his youth.  He was probably somewhere in Indonesia or Hawaii.  I guess.

Take Care


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Yesterday evening, it was raining heavily but my wife still wanted to bring my two kids to attend some compulsory church activities.  To her horror, the committee or the priest actually locked them out despite the fact that they were a few minutes late in pouring rain conditions.

This is getting out of hand.  There are some people in the committee there together with who wants to impose some sort of ultra discipline without taking into regards of the prevailing weather conditions and the compulsory schools activities.  Besides not many can afford to drive in luxurious car to attend meetings in fine clothes. We have to wait for jam packed buses on Saturday evening in working clothes to avoid being drenched.

I am indeed very disappointed.  How can my kids be gracious and kind and emulate the early brothers and priests that shown such humility and love.

Even a visiting brother there was subjected to mockery during a “introduction” during mass that said he was “bald and fat” and warned the congregation against taking him out for lunches – indirectly to mean to avoid talking to him to reveal to much details of what is going on there.

Why????   Every sermon we only heard reprimand about being late and not properly attired.  Given the very tight schedules that kids and parents have nowadays just when we thought we could learn graciousness and wisdom in a church, it had to be as such.

It is getting very difficult to be a Catholic here where unattainable cohesion becomes coercion.  I am not sure why?  Hopefully money and power are not the prime movers here . I really miss my old church in Queenstown where I grew up.


Take Care!


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When Clement, my youngest son, appeared at the doorway, he was holding a squarish clear plastic cover over a styrofoam base.  I was about to go for my evening exercise but stayed on to see what he had been learning for his one-day life sciences course.

Inside the squarish plastic cover were two insects; a large black butterfly with bluish spots and a infant grasshopper, both affixed to the styrofoam base with pins.

I carefully examine the “dead” specimen and to my horror, the butterfly was still alive.  Despite the huge pin that was rammed through its thorax, its abdomen was still cringing, needless to say, in excruciating pain.

“Clement! why is the butterfly still alive!” I queried.  “Not only me, but others also.  Maybe the person do not have the time to kill the butterflies as there were many children there too,” said Clement rather nonchalantly.

“It is not right, you know,” I said.  What the “person” sButterflyhould be doing is to kill the butterfly as quickly and as humanely as possible, and not to let it die in a state of “cruxification” with pin rammed through its thorax and wide-spreaded wings (a total of 7 pins).   Clement and Mervyn (my elder son) who were around suddenly seemed to realise that what I am sayng does make sense.  WE SHOULD NOT just mindlessly capture beautiful insects for our own amusement.  The butterflies and bees are needed to pollinate the flowers for our continual existence.  Doing this is like killing a rhinoceros for it horns, or mounting a lion’s head in the living room purely for personal amusement.  AND THIS IS WHAT MY SON HAS BEEN SPENDING HIS WHOLE DAY DOING – to catch insects and mount onto frames, and worst still,  regardless whether they are dead or not!

However, for research purposes sometimes, experiments are being done on animals like mice as “guinea pigs” so to speak.  However, I presume that they are treated as humanely as possible and not a slow and excruciating death.

Likewise, we, human beings, are omnivorous.  We eat meat like fishes, beef, mutton, pork etc from live-stocks besides vegetables.  I want to point out here that unlike herbivorous, we do not have the abundant cellulase or long enough digestive tracts to digest the cellulose for our overall well-being.   Our genetic make-up necessitates the need for meat.  Even in the monkey families, not all are vegetarians.  The baboons, for examples are opportunistic eaters and, fond of crops, become destructive pests to many African farmers. They eat fruits, grasses, seeds, bark, and roots, but also have a taste for meat. They eat birds, rodents, and even the young of larger mammals, such as antelopes and sheep.  (link)

Ok, back to the dying butterfly that was entombed in a glass container.  I slowly yanked out the pin from its thorax and placed the remaining six pins from its wings.  It was barely alive and I placed it onto a box with tissues moistened with water and a few drops of honey as food for its recovery if any.  As I had guessed, it began to flap its wings after a few minutes and the next day, it was well enough to fly away from the window sill which my wife and rested it upon.  I am not sure if it was strong enough to fly away as I wanted to place it in a park but since it had already flown away as my wife says so, I guess it must be so.

Hence the more butterflies and bees that we have, the more forest we also have.  And more more oxygen and also substenance of the vastly degenerating ecological system  (link).  God had indeed created many creatures for a reason and that they should be all different even within the same species and classes.  Some “lower-life form human beings” have difficulty understanding that and normally two totally opposing groups adhere to extremist and unrationalized views of each others with no compromise at all! Instead they try to make everyone walk and think the same like them.  Never will they believe that majority of the people oscillate in the middle.  There will be alot of angst and hatred instead.  We should try to educate them.  Love is a good start.  Start with yoursel first and then you can love others.  If you start on a wrong footing, to hate others first, then you will get caught in a spiralling or vortex of hatred that will consume you till the end of days.  Both will see each other in hell, so to speak.

As I write this, my gaze chanced upon a framed glass with six butterflies hanging on my living room wall.  What! I have one of these!  Ok, I remember buying this in Malaysia, a few years back when I visited either East or Peninsualr Malaysia, at a tourist site.  And I remember thinking it was so beautiful.  Now, perhaps as a parent, I seeing it in a better light.  And the way it is being taught or implemented as a “Life Science” for my kid in school, is perhaps, all the wrong reasons or someone’s personal agenda which we should not partake.   I should also not purchase such framed butterflies for my own amusement anymore to save the dwindling forests in Malaysia.  The “eco-tourism” there is killing itself too.

Perhaps a better way for teaching life science is to catch them alive and release them back into to forest or a proper sanctuary as responsible human beings.  We should simply just admire them from a distance …. the butterflies, the moths and the bees….  as they work to keep us alive!


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It is not too difficult to gauge. But one thing for sure , the writings have to be smooth. If you notice my intentionally use of the word “But” to commence the second sentence, might draw a few or even many “Oh my God! such bad grammar” to the seemingly well-schooled English-educated populace. But to me it is an “emphasizing congruity conjunction” with the first sentence, at least for continuity sake. This natural narrative form of essay writings tend to promote faster reading with lesser stoppages or disruption and this is perhaps the sole reason why children prefer to read novels than science books, unless the latter is filled with lots of drawings and clever illustrations. The former draws on imagination.

I am particular pissed off by the overly use of euphemism especially those that tend to veer towards the promotion of hidden agenda in their writings. This is especially bad for child’s novels as it tends to confuse a child at such early age and could inevitably kills his joy of reading if overly exposed to such “bad” writings.  This often happens in formal writings and seemed to have creped into many mainstream newspapers. It makeths reading difficult and arduously painful trying to interpret what the author is writing. They isn’t much joy in reading such “carefully” inserted or worded text. It may seem clever to the writer but to make a reader stop and think so many times within such a short span of (few) columns seemed pretty ridiculous.

Often when my reading inadvertently comes to a halt, it is often due to the insertion of euphemistic words wither by the editor or journalist that makeths or kills the article. I would jump to another article.

So when I go to the library, it is often with an open mind, to just flip pages of any novel and if it makeths for good reading than I might just borrow that book. To see the world through the author’s writings and to relive his or her adventure or even escapism that this “civilised” world have otherwise stagnated through so much power struggle. But the author has to be real. It is just like listening to a song, it is often the singer’s natural vocal and tonal expression that immediately appeal to you before even knowing who that person is. Often that person is good before the destructive effect of the media sets in.

So continuity and congruity is the key and often at the expense of brevity. And that is also why certain newspapers are faring better than others. Besides being informative, perhaps, they have the readability appeal factor.



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Whenever I hear this song played over the radio, it was always so surreal and haunting. It was so reminiscent of today’s world. Karen Carpenter who sang this song so well and yet had so much personal problem resulting in her purported death from anorexia nervosa (which I felt was also isotonic imbalance leading to cardiac arrest) is a tragic indeed.


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