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Sorry.  I have taken out the earlier writings for this title as I am afraid some of the suggestions might be unsuitable not only for me but might cause unintended harm to readers or anyone else with pre-existing high cholesterol and hypertension which I had been diagnosed with.

I had been gone to the Singapore General Hospital twice this month (Sep 08) with high blood pressure (i measured myself), chest pain and palpitations.  Although checks by CT heart scan and ECG did not indicate any abnormally,  I remained weak and dizzy, probably due to the effect of the calcium channel blocker (Norvasc) that affected my entire well being every since I started.  Doctors said that it is still better than having a stroke but many writeups pointed otherwise.  However, I promised to take it diligently for a while.  I also should not cause unnecessary alarm to my dear wife who had to accompany me in the wee morning hours.  This is also coupled with the sad demise of my dear mother-in-law from acute renal failure that result in many sleepless hours for both my dear wife and I.

Right now I now diligently taking the prescribed Simvastatin (anti-cholesterol) and Noravasc (hypertension)

So do not be a hero like me.  Follow doctor’s order first and then wait-and-see before trying other remedies. This is especially so for heart conditons.

However, I still standby some of my earlier postings which I have removed now to avoid causing any unintended harm to readers.

I am currently reading this book borrowed from the Woodland Library, “Reversing Hypertension – A vital New Program To Prevent, Treat, and Reduce High Blood Pressure” by Julian Whitetaker, M.D.  The suggestions are worth trying but…

Right now, I am diligently following the doctors’ prescriptions despite my continual apprehension.  I promised myself, if my prognosis is better down the road, I hope to wean away from the synthetic drugs and try those suggested by Dr Julian Whitetaker.  Basically, it include those commonly known diet like low sodium, high potassium, magnesium, adequate hydration, Co enzyme 10, etc that we often read in the various health digest.  But this is one complete and comprehensive book on reversing hypertension that is worth buying too.

The other complimentary book is “The Omega-3” Connection by Andrew L. Stoll, M.D. who wrote about the connection between aggression, depression, hypertension etc.  Worth reading too.

Wish me luck.



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