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Occasionally I like to cook.  Not sure why, probably as a creative outlet. Maybe I missed the old food that my mum and family used to cook when I was young.   The potato green pea chicken stew was quite alright while the tapioca cake could have been sweeter.  My wife thinks so too. Well here’s for memories.

Guys should learn to cook too and it can be fun too.  Of course, washing up is always a chore.  So I always tell my two sons to appreciate mum’s hard work , not just in cooking but also the other house works.




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Not sure if the health authorities have taken into account that the many pills being dispensed for patients whether new or generic carries additional stabilizing or flow compound that could be detrimental to health.  And also how it is taken that could affect the health.

For example, silicon dioxide found in many pills as a flow compound could lead to respiratory problems or chronic cough and fatigue.  Although it was mentioned that silicon dioxide taken as a food is ok but what about those medication that require you break into half at a lower dosage.  Meaning it would expose the colloidal silicon dioxide and the powdered form (after breaking from the pill film coating) could get into the respiratory tract along the way to the stomach and perhaps why some get persistent cough while others don’t.  An example is perhaps the Losartan blood pressure pill used by many here.  Some require to only take half a tablet and hence breaking the tablet would expose powder like Silicon dioxide before swallowing.  So perhaps the doctor could prescribe the exact dosage pill at 25mg rather than ask the patient to break a 50mg tablet.  For Pete Sake! ….  No.. I mean for Health Sake!

Maybe some wise guy in the health department without much medical background thought about cost saving without any due regards for the patients.  Of course, logically a larger dosage pack would be more economically packed than a similar lower dosage pack.  So maybe now those with better medical background can relook into this “cost saving” idea and revoke that suggestion for the sake of our health.

It could be as simple as that.  Prove me wrong.



Ref: Do Additives in Health Food Supplement and Pharmaceutical Tablets Make us Ill?
Extracted from: Silicon-Induced Contracture Syndrome by Ivan Fraser (link)

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This evening, I was in Chinatown with my wife and intended to go the the Chinatown Food Centre when we chanced upon the former North Chinese Cuisine Restaurant which had now move a few metres nearer to the main road from its own premises at Mosque Street.

We still remember the same Chinese cook who prepared the deep fried tomato sauce fish (I think it is called ba tin or songsu fish). I brought along my first DLSR camera,  a Canon 1100D (although I was not sure whether the Nikon 3100 would be better given the similar price range).  So, this is my first food blog and hopefully there would be others too.

We order the fried fish which cost only  S$15 and it taste as good as it looks.  The meat dumpling was equally delectable too. The original photos were some 3 Mbyte each but was reduced to a few hundred kilobytes since there was no need for a huge poster kind of photo for blog entries.  So it is not so clear as compared to the original size.

Below is the $6.20 herbal soup called “Buddha Jump Over the Wall” available at Chinatown Food Centre.  My wife loves to drink this tasty concoction each time we visit Chinatown.

Always good to have a few sip of sugarcane juice to lower cholesterol as they contains policosanol, a natural extract from sugar cane wax that works to breakdown cholesterol and help maintain healthy cholesterol levels.  I notice that many new housing estates do not sell fresh sugarcane anymore but littered with the bubble tea with all the food colouring and additives.  Maybe the health authorities should promote the sale of fresh sugarcane in new housing estates for the health of the younger families staying there.

Below is a evening landscape photo shot of Chinatown in auto mode without flash.  Looks quite nice.



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