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The previous year (2010) was a exceptionally large volcanic eruption year that blanketed (camouflaged) the northern and southern atmosphere via Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull and Indonesia’s Merapi volcano.  They were also  signs that the some cult groups were already preparing for a global war hastened by the global recession that will serve as a catalyst and coercion factors for compliance and servitude.

The flood in Bangkok could be seen as a fine-tuning for the HAARP weapon located at Pine Gap in Central Australia to strike London, Paris and Berlin.   They lies in the same straight line trajectory.  Unfortunately, Europe was presently too busy trying to salvage their economies without knowing what is going to happen next.

The recent quake in Denpasar, Bali and Turkey’s Van Province is also related if you draw a straight line trajectory from Pine Gap to the located quake sites.  It will affect Johor, Butterworth, Penang, various parts in India, Vatican, Spain and Portugal.    This indeed a “economical” line that can kill many birds with one stone.

Another line to the Iceland’s volcanoes via Pine Gap will strike Taiwan (Hengchun) and notably  China’s Beijing.  I believe the gigantic volcanic ash will mask the HAARP signature and prevent help for assisting those stricken regions.

The latest news on another Pine –  the Pine Island Glacier (PIG) reported via mainstream news on 5 Nov  2011 is yet another clue that Pine Gap is practicing hard to hit Beijing.  A straight line trajectory will show that Beijing is about the same distance but in opposite direction.  I hope that millions will not die as a result of some cult members (about 800) currently held underground there in Central Australia. Remember Jim Jones, who made his 500 cult member drink poison after who-knows-what they had done prior to their mass suicide.  Brain washing is big-time money spinner in some countries.

Some had earlier correlated the Sichuan Quake and Myanmar’s Cyclone induced Tidal Surge in 2008 to the Haarp station in Alaska via a straight line trajectory.   It makes me wonder what the United Nations is doing??

Perhaps the world need to stop looking at money for the time being and think about how to make this world a better place free from people who would not hesitate to use weapon of mass destruction to cling on to power.

We only have ONE EARTH

Take Care



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