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If I am the Minister for Health, I will immediately enforce a mobile medical apps software that can be easily downloaded to every phone for the citizens here effective medical sickness reporting and treatment.

The rationale for this mobile medical apps is due to my observation that doctors are spending too much time taking down (or rather scribbling down data) for common questions that could have been answered while the patients are in the waiting room, idling.  In fact, many doctors are language challenged and not able to converse well in Mandarin or Tamil where most of the foreign workers are from and this takes longer service time.  Likewise for parents with this mobile med apps, they can fill in data for their children and sent to the clinic without needing to take time off or during a emergency.

For this mobile medical apps, which I would term, RSF (Report Sick Form), for simplicity, it will have the followings:

Language Preference:

a.  It comes in different languages like English, Mandarin, Tamil, Hindi, French, German etc to cater to a mulitcultural society that Singapore is aspiring.  This is essential if we want to handle infectious disease fast in times of outbreaks.

General Data Like:

a.  Fever (number, frequency, duration etc)

b.  Cough (dry, wet, whooping etc, frequency, duration etc)

c.  Phlegm (white, yellowish, reddish etc)

d.  Pain (location, frequency, duration, intensity etc)

e.  Rashes (location, frequency, duration)

f.  Headaches (frequency, location, intensity)

g.  Sore throat (when started, describe)

Medication Taken:

a.  Western – describe

b. TCM – describe

Infectious Diseases Suspected

a.  Disease suspected:  Dengue/Malaria/Chikungunya/SARS

b.  Reasons:

c.  Suspected Locality or Cluster:


a.  Food Poisoning suspected

b. Location:

Etc Etc Etc


The above is only a general format that, of course, will be improved with time and usage.  This allow the doctor to focus immediately on other important aspect like helping to derive disease or outbreak clusters like dengue by asking further question to what had been duly filled up at the waiting area. Presently almost all the doctor time is wasted trying to communicate with the patients which can be worsen if there is a language barrier.  This is further complicated by temporary or part-time doctors who have lost the ability to keep up with emerging disease symptoms and cannot ask proper questions while relying on patients to describe. Often the patients are either too sick to remember and perhaps the medical apps with its structured approach can help the incompetent doctors to follow a standard format to derive what is the root cause of the sickness.

Our problem is not that there are not enough doctors but rather the inability to use mobile apps or even pre-filling of forms at the waiting area to reduce doctors workload and move on to more incisive diagnosis, not only to treat the patient properly but to contribute to a national medical database that can effectively derive where the disease clusters are from and will be.

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