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It seemed that two US most intelligent states in New Hampshire and Oregon are still resisting the powerful forces behind their government to dumified their population by adding fluorine to their water supply.  Oregon has already succumbed this month but New Hampshire remained optimistic to protect their babies at least.  This is what happens when there are too many foreigners in US who are out for profit and hijacking their citizens’ health and mind to live the elusive American Dream.  In the end every one loses including the immigrants as well.

Portland approves adding fluoride to water

USA Today (16 Sep 2012)

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — The City Council has voted to add fluoride to Portland’s water, meaning Oregon’s largest city is no longer the biggest holdout in the U.S.

The ordinance approved Wednesday morning calls for the city water to be fluoridated by March 2014.

Health experts say fluoride is effective against tooth decay. Opponents of public fluoridation say it’s unsafe and violates an individual’s right to consent to medicine.

Voters in Portland twice rejected fluoridation before approving it in 1978. But that plan was overturned before any fluoride was ever added to the water.  (link)

New Hampshire Passes First State-Wide Fluoride Warning Law

NEW YORK, June 20, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Beginning August 4, 2012, New Hampshire will require notification that 6-month-olds should not be routinely fed infant formula mixed with fluoridated water to avoid discoloring babies’ unerupted teeth (fluorosis), reports the Fluoride Action Network (FAN).

Battle over fluoride warning intensifies in New Hampshire

Thursday, March 29, 2012 by: Doug Cragoe


IQ averages in US States – best estimate available

from actual SAT and ACT

adjusted for the fact that the IQ’s  of these test takers are about 10 points above average

104 IQ  New Hampshire

103 IQ Massachusetts, Oregon, Wisconsin

102 IQ  Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Vermont, Washington

101 IQ  Alaska, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Utah, Wyoming

100 IQ  Arizona, California, Idaho, Maine, Nevada, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Virginia, West Virginia

99 IQ  Delaware, Hawaii, Indiana

98 IQ  Arkansas, Florida

97 IQ  Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas

96 IQ  New Mexico

95 IQ District of Columbia

94 IQ Mississippi, South Carolina


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