Occasionally I like to cook.  Not sure why, probably as a creative outlet. Maybe I missed the old food that my mum and family used to cook when I was young.   The potato green pea chicken stew was quite alright while the tapioca cake could have been sweeter.  My wife thinks so too. Well here’s for memories.

Guys should learn to cook too and it can be fun too.  Of course, washing up is always a chore.  So I always tell my two sons to appreciate mum’s hard work , not just in cooking but also the other house works.




It has been 33 years, since I left Saint Joseph Institution and I had many good memories during my scouting days from 1976 to 1979.  Well here are some photographs during our first gathering in years.  Thanks to Bernard Chua for organizing the meeting and hope that everyone stays in good shape and health! Cheers.  Mikey


Aug 2012

Best Regards to Bernard Chua, Beng Hui, Marcel Almonte, Stephen Loh, Ng Cheok Yew, Low Fatt Mun, Tan Chin Chai and Hamish Brown (absent).

Take Care


This evening as I was riding my motorcycle along upper Bukit Timah road, I noticed that the bus lane was completely empty while the second and third lane was fully congested with cars, trucks, vans and a large number of motorcycles jostling for the limited space.  I used my common sense (my thinking brain) and simply weave into the EMPTY bus lane, not only for a safer ride (since motorcyclists are the most vulnerable in congested roads) but also to help relieve the jam-packed 2nd and 3rd lane.

But alas! there was this LTA man eagerly holding a videocam and taking a footage of my bike as I was using my COMMONSENSE to ride into the taboo bus lane during the peak hours.  In the brief moment as I glimpsed into his hollow eyes, I thought I saw the $$$$$ sign rolled like a jackpot but it was only a figment of my imagination.  I shuddered and dispelled that thought.

Back in my mind, I was thinking whether the fine merit the “offense” for a motorcyclists for using his brain for a safer and better road utilization effort.   Should a motorcyclist also pay the same rate as car drivers since the latter are often the culprit for obstructing the bus lane as their cars cannot weave easily out if necessary.

So if the onerous is to create a traffic system that is more efficient than the one currently practiced, it would be good if the authorities can come up with some mathematical and statistical calculations to establish if:

a.  Allowing motorcyclists to use the bus lane during peak hours can ease congestion to the other lanes and allow the faster and safer transport.

b.   Whether motorcyclist using bus lanes actually hog or obstruct the bus services and by how much as compared to them hogging the second and third lane if they are barred from the bus lane.  So the comparison is in relation to the existing scheme.  Slowing the other vehicles in non-bus lanes are also opportunity costs and how do they remunerate against the bus commuters in terms of COE, vehicle ownership cost and others.

During the early peak hours, many bus lane remain relatively free while the other two lanes are fully congested with cars,trucks, vans and motorcycles jostling for space.  So to impose a fine when the bus lane is pretty empty can look pretty absurd for a first-class nation.  It might lead others to conclude that fines is more of a fund making venture than a deterrent for whatever reasons.  Of course, I try hard to tell my foreign friends that it is not the case.  Many of them believed me and I am glad.

If LTA can allow motorcyclists a greater degree of self-regulatory by allowing them to use the bus lane during the peak hours there could be a more equitable distribution of vehicles on all lanes.  Motorcyclists do not hog or obstruct the bus lane and can easily weave if necessary. Currently a lot of motorcyclists are being penalised for using their common sense during the peak hour by weaving or using into the bus lane to relieve congestion on the other lanes.

If the authorities feel that fines over-rides all considerations then perhaps, maybe it should be lower for motorcyclists as they are generally the lower income lots.  Otherwise they be driving a car.  Likewise the dispatch and delivery firms would also appreciate if their riders can use the bus lane for faster and safer delivery while relieving congestion to either bus lane or non-bus lanes by visual inspection as they ride.

Perhaps allow a greater degree of self-regulatory for motorcyclists during peak hours is the conventional wisdom as practiced in many countries.   Too many regulations and fines can actually make “Jack a Dull Boy” and regulated complacency certainly affects our safety acuity.

So to all my motorcyclist friends, remember SAFETY FIRST.   Think of your loved ones.  Paying fines IS NOT AN ISSUE.

Take Care


Do you know that Colorado has the highest suicide rate in the US and it is partly blamed on being sited on a high-altitude that has lesser oxygen to the brain.

So was it a factor in James Holmes’ 20 July 2012, massacre in Colorado, USA.   during the “New Moon” phase.  I think the high altitude is a factor where evil does can employ the Haarp to its maximum effect to switch on “emotions on demand”.   Particularly since July 14-15, 2012 weekend and through the early morning of July 16, Earth experienced what’s called a geomagnetic storm.  So there is quite a link.

Here, I wonder if staying in super highrise flats can affect a person’s mentality with supposedly lower oxygen level and more expose to the sun’s radiation and magnetosphere manipulation effects.   Can being stuck at the top of a resounding high ferris-wheel affect my brain?

Anyway, not sure if the Jonestown mass suicide in Guyana initiated by Jim Jones on November 18, 1978 where 918 people died was conduct in high altitude,  a  preferred area to brain-wash people given the low oxygen level and ritual fires that also consume oxygen.  No wonder US has so many cult temple or churches in high altitude vicinities.  Jim Jones started his cult activities in Indiana state and not sure if “Indiana Jones” with lots of cult scenes got its or derived from the original Jim Jones.  Anyway the Georgetown killing by Jim Jones in Guyana also bear resemblances to the basketball brawl in China between the US Georgetown University black basketball players and the Chinese in China.  Don’t look strange to me as there are internet chatters out there that says some elites tries to blames the Jesuits or Catholics in their pursuit for powers.

Take Care and May God Bless You


You tell me.


1.  Friday, March 18, 2011   –  Are  Higher Altitudes and Suicides Connected?  (link)

2.  Suicide rate soars in Colorado  (link)

3.   The Kids Are All Right: The Lower Colorado Is Low on Oxygen  – July 5, 2012 | 3:24 PM  (15 days before the Aurora massacre) – link

4.  Why is the Colorado suicide rate so high?  (forum)

5.    Jonestown echoed in past times in Guyana
by Paul Bolcik

I read with uncanny interest about a “Integration and Roti Prata” forum rebuttal published in the Straits Times (28 Jul 2012) by Mr Gorain Jagadish on Mr Asad Latif ‘s “Confession of a former foreign misfit” (ST, 13 Jul).

In Asad’s article, he found “Roti prata was an unbearable tautology because prata is a kind of roti”.    (a needless repetition of the same sense in different words; redundancy – online free dictionary)

Both Mr Asad and Gorain asserted that roti also means bread in their language – Malay and Indian.

It is good that you read both article to better appreciate their interpretations of integration and misfits.

Here I like to give you a Chinese perspective why Roti Prata is used together by telling a simple story:

Mei Lan ( a typical Chinese lady name), back in the 60’s era went to market and overheard a conversation between a local Malay customer and an immigrant Indian “Roti Prata” hawker.  The Malay customer pointed at the Roti Prata and said he wanted “Roti” but the Indian hawker proudly and categorically emphasized  that it is called “Prata”.

A short distance away, Mei Lan came across another “roti prata” stall. This time it was a Malay hawker seller who emphasized the word “roti” over the prata and even rolled his tongue to associate both terms.

The Chinese lady, Mei Lan, realised that to simply get the message across when buying the prata or roti is to use the term “Roti Prata” that all can understand and without much hassles or undermining of their heritage cuisine whether localised or imported.

So in our local context, Singapore as a a melting pot (hopefully not a cauldron) for different ethnics and foreign integrations will continue to retain certain “tautologized”  words that helped to integrate the early forms of communications (30’s to 60’s era) when English was not the widely used medium among the locals and immigrants. Thus many “conjugated” words of different language or dialects mix naturally emerged and often intertwined for a more effective, better and faster form of communication besides introducing their original terms.

However, nowadays, we prefer to use the original foreign sounding words like “Pasta” or  Takoyaki (Japanese Octopus Dumpling Balls) as we become better educated and find it easier to associate with the original words to the country of origin and when travelling it becomes useful too.

Hence, roti prata will always be roti prata …. maybe roti canai in Malaysia.   ‘canai’ in Malay means ‘to roll out dough’ or it could be Channa, a dish made with boiled chickpeas  in a spicy gravy from Northern India which this type of bread was traditionally served.

So in a way, it is actually food for thought.

Here is a Chinese man learning how to make roti prata. Cheers!



An aurora (plural: aurorae or auroras) is a natural light display in the sky particularly in the high latitude (Arctic and Antarctic) regions, caused by the collision of energetic charged particles with atoms in the high altitude atmosphere (thermosphere).

However, Aurora is also linked to the mysterious Aurora spyplane to have caused the 1994 Scotland RAF Chinook crash on 2 June 1994 (18  years ago)

  Top Secret US plane ’caused Chinook crash’ • The Register

10 Jul 2000 – RAF Machrihanish lies just ten miles from the Chinook crash site and at the When the Aurora codename leaked out, the US government is …   (link)

Of course, now on 20 July 2012, 18 years later, we see another “Aurora” killing, this time n the city of  Aurora,  Colorado, USA.   It actually occurred on “New Moon” midnight phase which had been speculated by discerned observers to maximise the Haarp effect to switch on “emotions on demand”.   Over the July 14-15, 2012 weekend and through the early morning of July 16, Earth experienced what’s called a geomagnetic storm.  So there is quite a link.

Anyway According of “offiCIAl” news, during the midnight premiere of latest batman movie “The Dark Knight Rises”.

Aurora police chief: Gunman acted with “calculation and deliberation”

Denver Post (21 jul 2012)

Suspected gunman James Eagan Holmes planned an Aurora movie-theater massacre with “calculation and deliberation,” Aurora’s police chief said Saturday, arming himself with ammunition delivered to his home and school over a period of months.

That ammunition, was used to kill and injure 70 people and booby-trap his apartment so as “to kill anyone who entered it,” Chief Dan Oates said.  (link)

So with the Olympics just a few days away, the internet search engines will be swarmed with Aurora redirection to the Colorado killings in Aurora instead of the Aurora borcealis affecting the Earth’s magnetosphere.   In 2005, the first neon light was created by shooting intense radio beams into the night sky, researchers created a modest neon light show visible from the ground. The process was not well understood, and scientists speculated it could one day be employed to light a city or generate celestial advertisements.  (well another official story).
One thing for sure the Aurora is a part of all these mumbo jumbo.  You only need to connect the dots and drinking less fluoridated water may help.Around 10% of the population of the United Kingdom receives fluoridated water.  Maybe Harry Porter is one of them. As of May 2000, 42 of the 50 largest U.S. cities had water fluoridation. Now it should be even higher after a county discovered that without fluorine their health improved tremendously.  In the Republic of Ireland the majority of drinking water is fluoridated… no wonder they are bankrupted.   For Spain although around 10% of the population receives fluoridated water, well they are simply caught in the Euro manipulation.  Too bad.
Take Care

Sun’s Coronal Mass Ejection Results in Aurora Show On Earth

ScienceDaily (July 16, 2012) — Over the July 14-15, 2012 weekend and through the early morning of July 16, Earth experienced what’s called a geomagnetic storm, which happens when the magnetic bubble around Earth, the magnetosphere, quickly changes shape and size in response to incoming energy from the sun. In this case that energy came from a coronal mass ejection (CME) associated with a July 12 X-class flare.  (link)

Moderate 4.5M earthquake 117km from Canberra, Australia.
A 4.5M earthquake struck 13km from Moe, Australia at a depth of 10km (USGS). This could be felt as a V (moderate shaking) around this area and as weak to light far away. We at earthquake report think this earthquake will not cause injuries or heavy damage and only light damage like fallen objects.

There have been a number of felt reports from Melbourne coming in.

The Geoscience Australia website was down momentarily.

EMSC     Kodiak Island Region, Alaska     Jul 20 18:54 PM     5.1 RS    10.0km     MAP  

Alot of people are not aware that the “King of Fruit” the durian is very high in potassium.  Potassium is not necessary a bad thing given as it can balance the high salt (sodium chloride) that we are taking.  Even sometimes we crave for durian is because of the potassium content that is lacking in many diet.  Our isotonic drinks also do not have enough potassium, some calcium or hardly or any magnesium to make up the full electrolyte balance.

So to counter the effects of overeating durian, or “heatiness” we can take some baking soda or sodium bicarbonate to balance its effect.    This is important for those who are diabetics or slight diabetics and too much potassium in a single can also be bad for your health. Of course, for growing teenagers like my sons, potassium is needed to help them grow taller and less aggressive given their high sodium intake.


  1. Durian Fruit & High Blood Pressure | LIVESTRONG.COM


    7 Jul 2011 – An important benefit of durian fruit for your blood pressure is that it is very high in potassium, with 1059 mg per cup. A highpotassium diet

  2. [PDF]

    Durian Induced Hyperkalaemia

    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – Quick View
    renal failure should avoid food with high potassium contents. Bananas are well known to have high potassium content. However, the ‘king of fruits’ the durian,

So remember!

Baking Soda For Health!